Why Choose Ward's Cleaning Service?

Maid cleaning a hotel room with a vacuum

When you choose Ward's Cleaning Service, it is like hiring an entire department. We have Quality Control, Operations Managers, Area Supervisors, Account Supervisors, and Crew. Each person contributes to the total success of the operation.

Quality Control

Meetings are set up with customers to review operations. Areas are reviewed by our customer service representative with supervisors and staff to ensure standards are met.

Operations Manager

Oversees our professional staff, 7 days a week, 365 days a year - there is no lost time due to vacations or sick days as we have back up staff trained and ready to go.

Area Supervisor

Provides technical and operational support to the account supervisor and crew; also assists in project work.

Accounts Supervisor and Crew

Provides the daily cleaning of all areas as outlined in our specifications - this is their only responsibilty and only location they clean - the crew members are trained, professional cleaners. The account supervisor is on site every day - corresponding with your designated personnel on a daily basis.

We also offer 24-hour support. In the event of an emergency (water leak, flood, fire) we can provide additional support immediately.

We can supply any additional staffing necessary to support large hotel functions on an as needed basis.