Cleaned dishes in a restaurant kitchen


In a kitchen, time is essential. Cooks need to feed hungry diners and for that they need clean pots and dishes. But there’s no time to spare for them to wash up themselves. That’s why we provide dish washers, pot washers, and culinary support to keep your kitchen running smoothly. With a team providing the clean cookware and dishes, your culinary team can put their full focus on providing satisfying meals quickly and efficiently. Whether you need permanent placement or temporary coverage due to shortages, we have you covered. Hourly rates apply.

Included Services

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Cleaning up plates, bowls, silverware, and glasses so they’re ready for the next service.

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Pot Washing

Scrubbing pots, pans, and cooking utensils to prevent cross-contamination between dishes.

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Culinary Support

Assist with food prep, plate up, trash removal and inventory.



Compact trash, manage cardboard and other recycling needs.

Cleaned dishes in a restaurant kitchen
Dirty dishes in the kitchen being cleaned by Ward's Cleaning Service
Chefs cooking in a clean hotel kitchen
Recycle cleaning

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